Tektology Gateways

Bring Visibility To Your Hidden Information

Tektology's Smart Connect Gateway brings visibility to your hidden information by easily connecting your sensors to the analog, pulse and Modbus inputs. Your data is automatically sent to Tektology's Smart View Cloud with a safe and secure Smart Link Connection. From there you can view, store or retrieve data with your favorite software packages. Data is available in JSON, REST, XML or CSV formats making integration simple.

Save time and money on your next project with Tektology gateways!...There's nothing to configure on the Smart Connect Gateway!
  • Security is the foundation of Tektology's Smart Connect Gateway, Smart Link Connection and Smart View Cloud
  • The SSL Connection and Trust Methodologies ensure your data is safe, secure, reliable and easily available
  • Easily connect your Energy information, Building sensors, Parking lot data and more with the Modbus, Pulse and Analog inputs
  • Integrate your favorite applications to our cloud using JSON, REST, XML or CSV interfaces
  • There's nothing to configure on the Smart Connect Gateway significantly reducing install time
  • Power up the device and it will automatically discover the Smart View Cloud using Tektology’s Smart Link Connection

The Smart Connect Gateway integrates your Pulse, Modbus and Analog information into the Smart View Cloud. Easily connect your information with the Simple Link connection.

Simple Link uses Cellular or Ethernet connections to seamlessly send your data to the cloud.

This low cost, easy to use gateway will get you quickly connected from data to cloud.

Please contact us at info@tektology.com for more information.