Store your data in the cloud.

Our relational database hosted on the Google Cloud Platform provides safe and secure storage of your data. You can use our APIs to extract the information you want in your favorite development environment.

Your devices send a lot of data to the server and over time that could be a concern. By using the Google Cloud Platform, we can take advantage of Google’s scaling technology.

  • Keep your data safe with Tektology Smart View Cloud Service
  • View, Manage and Control all your devices from one location
  • Access all your sensor information
  • Monitor and get notified when new data arrives
  • Keep tabs on all your devices in one easy to view dashboard
  • Set alarms when devices fail to report
  • Easily import your data to your favorite tool or let us bring visibility to your critical information.
Oracle MySQL
Open source relational database.
Oracle MySQL is the default database used in most projects. If you have your own server then we can easily use that as well.
Microsoft SQL
Microsoft proprietary software.
We can provide an instance of Microsoft SQL Server or using an existing instance that you might already be using.
Reporting & Analysis
TEKTOLOGY's tools and utilities.
Check out some examples of the reporting and analysis process.
Please contact us for more information.